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"A friend of mine gave me a bottle of your SCAR SO SOFT(tm) and told me that it worked great on her scar tissue after an operation. I told her it wouldn't touch my keloid. But she insisted that I give it a try. So I did just to prove her wrong! I have a terrible problem with keloids from mosquito bites. The most recent one was about the size of a dime on my right shin. At times it itches like crazy. If I accidentally bang it, it really hurts. I started applying SCAR SO SOFT(tm) and after 3 weeks of consistent use, the keloid was flat and it no longer itched! If I accidently hit the area, it no longer hurts. I am a believer. Thanks for the wonderful product!"
Louisa D., Kailua, HI

"I had a skin cancer removed from the skin below my Adam's apple. I developed a keloid after the surgery. It has been there for over a year. I recently started using SCAR SO SOFT(tm). Two months later the keloid is gone and there is a small line in the skin where it used to be! I am ecstatic! Thanks!"
Sara P., Seattle, WA

"Your SCAR SO SOFT(tm) is the most fantastic preparation one could have! My mother, age 80, recently had a serious accident. Her back, shoulder blade was cut, having impaled herself on a long sliver of glass which punctured her lung and pressed against her heart. As soon as the stitches were removed we started using SCAR SO SOFT(tm). The healing was unbelievable! It seems to break up any scar tissue that occurs. She can stretch and reach any which way she wants without a problem. Than you for your wonderful preparation!"
David E., San Mateo, CA

"I recently had a hysterectomy. I started using SCAR SO SOFT(tm) on my incision as soon as I got out of the hospital. One month later I went back for a follow up visit with my surgeon. He was amazed at the lack of scar tissue. The only thing left is a small line where the incision was made. I did not tell him what I had used becuase I was afraid he might scold me for it. Thank You!
Cloe B., Kaneohe, HI

"Several years ago I had a mastectomy. Just recently I purchased a bottle of Scar So Soft from you. I have been massaging the scar with SCAR SO SOFT(tm) several times a day for 6 weeks now. I am happy to report that the scar is fading away. The tightness I used to feel in that area is gone."
Brigette C., Vancouver, B.C. CANADA

"I used SCAR SO SOFT(tm) on a ringworm scar that I had on my head since the age of six. The scar is disappearing at the end of the first bottle!"
Peter F., Brooklyn, N.Y.

"I started applying SCAR SO SOFT(tm) all over my face which, due to severe acne, has been scarred and deeply pitted for many years. Two weeks later the scars are fading and the pits are actually becoming more shallow. They're actually filling in! I am amazed! Send me another bottle of SCAR SO SOFT(tm) ASAP!"
Jim B., Brockton, MA

"Your awesome product SCAR SO SOFT(tm) deserves two thumbs up. This summer, I got my belly button pierced, and a huge, ugly, keloid scar developed. I washed it every day with antibacterial soap and used an ointment, but it only got worse. I went to the piercing shop, and they said it might go away, but it would take several months to a year. Then I saw SCAR SO SOFT(tm) while browsing the internet, and I thought: Why not give a shot? I've been using SCAR SO SOFT(tm) for 6 weeks now, and I'm happy to say that the keloid is almost non-existent! I just wanted to say thanks, and your product is wonderful!"
Erica N., Minneapolis, MN

Check out the before and after photos that we have received from our customers that have used SCAR SO SOFT(tm).

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